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Pregnancy Counseling

Helping parents facing an unplanned pregnancy make a safe plan for their child

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Our Pregnancy Counseling Program provides free counseling to those who find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy. The program is supportive and non-judgmental; we are experienced social workers here to help you during vulnerable and sometimes stressful times. Whether you decide on parenting or adoption, we are here to help.

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Parenting? Adoption? What’s next?

We are here to help you.

We are here to help you. Our Pregnancy Counseling Program is open to anyone struggling with an unplanned pregnancy, for whom a pregnancy represents a concern due to the age and/or marital status of the parents, or because of other factors which lead prospective parents (whether married or not) to question whether they wish to raise the child. A client’s eligibility for service is not based on their decision to parent the child or to make an adoption plan. This service is open to individuals and families of all faiths residing in the service area of the Diocese of Rochester.

What the Program Offers

The program offers a full range of information about raising a baby or making an adoption plan. Our primary focus is to support the mother and her family during this vulnerable time, while establishing a safe, permanent plan for the child.

  • Home or office based prenatal and postnatal counseling
  • Support in making a plan during pregnancy, whether it is parenting or adoption
  • Referral for parenting education, housing, insurance, prenatal care
  • Advocacy for legal, medical and school issues
  • Adoption counseling and services
  • Opportunity to select adoptive family
  • Information on adoption type:
    • Closed
    • Semi-open
    • Open Adoption
  • Help selecting an adoption plan that is comfortable for both parents
  • Grief and loss counseling

Eligibility criteria

A client’s eligibility for service is not predicated on their decision to parent the child or to surrender the child for adoption. This service is open to Monroe County residents and any client residing anywhere within the Diocese of Rochester.

Program Cost

There is no fee for the program.