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Refugee & Immigration Services

Housing, job training, advocacy, language skills and citizenship

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Helping refugees and immigrants find peace, safety, friendship and independence.

From the Italian and Polish neighborhoods of the past to the Afghan, Burmese, Congolese & Ukrainian communities of today, Rochester has been enriched by those who add their music, art, food, and tradition to our community mosaic.

Support to Rochester’s immigrant community has been a cornerstone of Catholic Charities' work since our founding in 1917. Over the past 35 years, more than 15,000 refugees have resettled to Rochester, NY with the help of Catholic Charities Family and Community Services and our many partners.

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Our Refugee & Immigration Services Include:

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Refugee Resettlement

Providing newly arrived refugees with services, resources, training, and other supports that allow them to rebuild hopeful lives and pursue enriching opportunities in their adopted homeland.

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Immigration Services

Catholic Charities has been assisting immigrants since 1917, and has been providing Immigration Assistance in conjunction with Federal and New York State programs since 1996.

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Foster Care - Unaccompanied Refugee Minor Program

Foster care services for youth whose lives have been torn apart by war and oppression

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Refugee Employ­ment Services

Providing services that foster independence and self-sufficiency by facilitating refugees' entry into the workforce.

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Language Services

Providing translation and interpretation services where needed

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Professional head shots of Afghan refugee clients

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Our Statement on Afghan Adjustment Act

Collage of images of people in Ukraine

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Statement on Ukraine

Read our comment relative to the unfolding crisis in Ukraine

Professional head shots of refugee clients

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Some came alone. Some escaped with their families. All dreamed of living in peace.

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