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Supportive Living

A community based apartment program

Supportive Living is a community-based apartment program providing residential services to men and women needing support to maintain abstinence and develop life skills to maintain recovery. Along with this assistance, clients readapt to independent living in the community while receiving any needed clinical and peer support through other community agencies.

What the Program Offers

Services include: housing in a recovery oriented, community based apartment setting, support for ongoing development and monitoring of life skills, peer recovery support, referral to vocational/educational services, monthly community meetings, quarterly family sober fun activity, case management support, bi-weekly drop-in visits, assistance in transition to independent living.

Eligibility criteria

Adult males or females 18 years or older who meet the criteria established by NYS OASAS level of care determination for Supportive Living Services, indicating a need for a supportive residential environment to sustain recovery.

Intake Process

Referrals for men and women should be forwarded via fax to (585) 546-7220 x5030.

Program Cost

Program costs may be covered through Public Assistance Benefits, paid separately through Supplemental Security Income payments or as determined in a sliding fee scale arrangement.

If you have been presented with a bill, you may pay it online here: PaymentPortal (

Family and Community Services is committed to serving all who need our support. We do not deny services based on race, color, age, gender or gender identity, national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation or inability to pay. In this role, we work collaboratively across the team of client, clinical provider, case manager and financial team to ensure there is an appropriate program for payment. These are the current program payers who are aligned with our program offerings.