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Providing Job Training and Employment Opportunities for Youth

YouthBuild, a national movement operated locally in Rochester by Catholic Charities Family and Community Servicess, provides job training and educational opportunities for youth while assisting in the construction or rehabilitation of affordable housing for low-income or homeless families in their own communities.


Participants in the YouthBuild program will have access to:

  • Education to acquire literacy and numeracy gains
  • Construction that provides on-site skills training
  • Opportunity to obtain OSHA 10 training and TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) Preparation
  • Counseling and Case Management to assist students in setting and achieving their goals
  • Leadership Development through program decision making, responsible leadership roles, and the study of how to improve the community
  • Transition Services for Graduate Success, including college and career counseling leading to placement in education or employment

Catholic Charities has won national and local awards for the diversity of our caseload, community activism, and volunteer programs. We have been working with youth, refugees and other clients to gain skills and find employment for over 25 years, with a wide variety of employers – construction, manufacturing, hospitality, restaurants, super markets, beauty salons and spas, and hospitals.

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Services Provided by YouthBuild

  • Paid training
  • Stipends for meals, transportation, volunteerism, and post-secondary education
  • Alternative education options
  • Job placement
  • A supportive environment

Eligibility Criteria

All participants in YouthBuild programs funded by the US Department of Labor must meet the following eligibility requirements, as required by the YouthBuild Transfer Act: between the ages of 17 and 24, inclusive, at the time of enrollment; and have dropped out of high school*.

In addition to these two criteria, a YouthBuild participant must meet at least one of the following eligibility requirements*:

  • a current or former foster youth and/or
  • a youth offender and/or an adult offender and/or
  • a youth who is an individual with a disability and/or
  • a migrant farm worker youth and/or
  • a child of an incarcerated parent and/or
  • a low-income youth.

*25% Exemption: If the applicant has a high school diploma/GED, or is not a member of one of the targeted populations above, he or she may be enrolled under the 25% exemption which states that up to (but not more than) 25% of the participants in the YouthBuild program may be youth who do have a diploma or GED, or are not members of a disadvantaged population based on the criteria above, but are: 1) basic skills deficient or 2) have been referred by a local secondary school for participation.

Program Costs

Free to participants, weekly meal and travel stipend provided to those actively enrolled in one of our cohorts.

Intake Process

You must attend an information session and complete an application. You will then complete a drug test and two weeks of orientation and “mental toughness” training.


If you are an employer interested in partnering with us and our youth, please call the program office: (585) 233-7422