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Workforce Development

Your company can provide a rare and treasured second chance at life

Our team provides career development, financial assistance, and job placement for adults and youth with limited employment options, those without a high school diploma, and those in recovery and facing mental health and substance abuse challenges.

We partner with local companies to provide individuals and families with a treasured opportunity to become self-sufficient and independent.

Program Mission and Overview

It’s not enough to simply place people in open job positions. Success in today’s workforce takes the right preparation, from comprehensive assessments to formulating goals and a plan to achieve those goals. Our job developers work to match those clients with open positions at one of the many companies that have long-standing relationships with Family and Community Services, and recognize the benefit of hiring from our placement service.

For the Workforce Development department, employment is more than just achievement of that goal. It’s about understanding where clients have come from and what they see for their future, and helping them leverage their own strengths to bridge that past and the future. This is very personal for us all, and we are very proud to take part and walk with our clients each day on that journey.

**Our Workforce Development team is not a staffing agency, which means that our services are free to you. Our funding comes in the form of government and private foundation grants to assist people in finding meaningful employment.

Eligibility Criteria and Intake Process

Please refer to individual program pages for specific information about eligibility, application and intake. Thank you!